Into the Labyrinth : A PhD Comprehensive Portfolio


     It is when we stop and take time to reflect, that the path forward emerges more clearly. With this comprehensive portfolio, I have taken this necessary moment to consider the labyrinthian path taken to get here, to the center of the PhD journey. In this interval, I have reflected on the use of the metaphor of a labyrinth as liminal, lintel, and frame for the threshold steps toward a completed PhD. I have reviewed the meandering path I have taken to move myself through the labyrinth of courses, academic endeavours, and scholarly works that exemplify skills and competencies as a researcher and writer. As positioned here in the center of the labyrinth, I considered the path forward, as I examined frameworks, and completed an extensive literature review. I considered my responsibility to crystallize my experiences in a multiplicity of media. It is in this way that I honour the heteroglossia, polyphony, and dialogism (Hoechsmann, 2019) that are embedded within this comprehensive portfolio construction. Here I am reminded that although this PhD portfolio might be an “infinalizable” document (Midgley & Trimmer, 2013), it too, like the walking of a labyrinth, must come to an end.  
     This comprehensive portfolio, as framed in the Joint PhD program handbook, is a demonstration of my scholarly knowledge within the field of Cognition and Learning, as reflected in the course work and scholarly tasks. The focus in this portfolio has been to demonstrate depth of knowledge, methodological understanding and the critique of research literature. Boote & Beile (2006) suggest that the goals of a doctoral program include understanding research in the field, acquiring intellectual independence, and developing scholarship literacies while "systematically and continually reappraise ideas and practices" (p. 32). As exemplified in this comprehensive portfolio, I can claim scholarly ownership and can defend the inclusion of research and choices for this scholarly work. It is by constructing and writing this comprehensive portfolio that I have come to know myself as academic and scholar. I recognize that this text is far from being finished, and that this portfolio is an imperfect and incomplete construction of my experiences, knowledge, competencies, and connections (Richardson, 2001). I await the opportunity to defend this portfolio, as evidence of my readiness to pursue research as a PhD candidate.


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