Into the Labyrinth : A PhD Comprehensive Portfolio


Hupomnemata is the act of self-writing as a means of cultivating the self. Hupomnemata constitutes records and artifacts of "what is heard, read, and thought" (Weisgerber & Butler, 2016).

Founded on the philosophy of Greek philosopher Plutarch, Foucault suggests that the "act of self-writing allows one to train and care for the self and that it acts as ‘an agent of the transformation of truth into ethos’ " (Weisgerber & Butler, 2016, p. 1340).

Foucault, M. (1997). Self writing. In P. Rabinow (Ed.), Ethics, subjectivity and truth. The essential works of Foucault, 1954–1984. Volume 1 (pp. 207–222). New York, NY: The New Press.

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